Microplane Grater: Why You Need One

Microplane Grater

If you are serious about your cooking and don’t have a Microplane grater, you really are missing out. I have owned a few different graters in my time, but since owning a Microplane I’ve never looked back.

You don’t need a Microplane to replace that big box grater you grate cheese to put on your pizza – you still need that. It actually allows you to do things you probably can’t do easily at the moment:

  • Grate ginger, turmeric or ginger finer than you could cut it with a knife or press. It is so much faster and due to the surface area of the output the flavour is extremely intense.
  • Grate hard foods into a fluffy and flavoursome powder wrapper. You can start with Parmesan cheese on your pasta, but then quickly move on to shaved almonds on dessert or cured egg yolks on anything savoury.
  • Zest fruit without breaking a sweat. I like to hold the fruit and pass the grater upside down over the top – you can see exactly how much zest you are creating and easily deliver it to a pot or pan.

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Ben Macdonald

When Ben isn’t devouring food, he is thinking what to cook next. After spending his adult life eating his way around the world he ended up channelling his culinary creativity as a finalist in Masterchef Australia – famously impressing Heston Blumenthal with a campfire from steak and potatoes - before being eliminated the very next episode.
Following some time in several top restaurants he is now focussed on sharing his love of home cooking and making each meal better than the last.

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