Scallops, Romesco Sauce & Garlic Herb Crumb

Scallop With Romesco Sauce And Parsley Crumb
Scallop With Romesco Sauce And Parsley Crumb
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Scallop With Romesco Sauce And Parsley Crumb

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August 1, 2016Sweet scallops with creamy romesco and a garlic herb crumb. While not a classic itself, this dish does combine some of the classic flavours of Spain.

  • Prep: 30 mins
  • Cook: 10 mins
  • 30 mins

    10 mins

    40 mins

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Yields: Serves 4 as a starter.

While not a classic, this dish combines the classic flavours of Spain - sweet scallops with creamy romesco and a garlic herb crumb.

Cooking the scallops to get a nice golden crust takes some practice and patience. A heavy stainless steel pan and plenty of oil help, as does leaving them alone until the last minute to turn and finish the other side. They are definitely better if slightly under, rather than over - but you may have to overdo a few to really learn how they should be. Try cooking them in small batches of a few at a time until you know if your pan can hold enough heat to crisp them up.


1 romesco sauce


12 scallops, large cleaned

3/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp curry powder

1 tsp lemon juice

Garlic Herb Crumb

1 clove garlic, smashed and finely chopped

1 tbsp olive oil

1/2 cup breadcrumbs, panko

1/2 lemon, zest only

1 tbsp parsley, finely chopped


Romesco Sauce

Make 1/2 a quantity of romesco sauce as per the recipe.

Garlic Herb Crumb

In a small pan, Fry the garlic in the oil over a high heat until just beginning to brown.

Add the breadcrumbs and stir to coat in the oil. Continue to cook until just turning brown. Remove from the heat and stir in the zest and parsley.


Remove the scallops from the fridge and dry thoroughly. Combine the salt and curry powder and dust the top of each scallop.

Bring a heavy pan to a high heat and add enough oil to cover the bottom by 2mm. Once shimmering, add the scallops with the curry-salt side down. Do not move and allow them to cook almost all the way through (1-3 minutes depending on size). The base should be brown on the edges and the edge of the top should be starting to become opaque.

Flip the scallops and finish cooking for 30 seconds on the other side. Remove and squeeze over a little lemon juice.

To Finish

Place some romesco sauce on the plate. Arrange the scallops on top with a sprinkling of the crumb on top.

Some charred spring onions also make a nice garnish for this dish. You can cook them in the pan before the scallops.

For an elegant starter you can also use the scallop shell as a small plate and assemble in the same way.


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