Is Mystery Diners Fake?

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If you spend your spare time watching random shows on the Food Network, you may well have stumbled across a show called Mystery Diners. If you have it probably raised a few questions regarding its authenticity. So, is Mystery Diners fake or real?

Mystery Diners follows Charles Stiles and his crack team of private investigators who are hired by troubled restaurateurs to catch devious employees cheating them out of their hard earned cash. They infiltrate the team, pose as employees and set up a network of secret cameras to capture the action.

Not only do Charles and his team always manage to flush out the culprits in quick time, but they also manage to capture every detail on camera for your viewing pleasure. It really is quite remarkable. This well tuned team could probably give Jack Bauer and his crew on 24 a run for their money. Though, unfortunately, much like 24 there is a big serving of fiction with only a small sprinkle of fact. The restaurants are real, and perhaps the owners, who are desperate for any kind of attention – but almost everyone else would appear to be an actor. One of the reasons they probably get away with the whole charade is that the acting is so bad you are unlikely to see the people in any other shows – but it is also the main reason it appears so obviously fake.

The fact Mystery Diners even pretends to be a reality show is itself one of the biggest comedies on TV.

Of course, no reality shows every actually portray ‘reality’, but the fact Mystery Diners even pretends to be a reality show must itself be one of the biggest comedies on TV. There is even a website dedicated to exposing the questionable owners and managers who take part.

Have you seen Mystery Diners? Do you think it is real?

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  • I haven’t seen Mystery Diners and to be honest I’m not sure I want to – fake or real. Thanks for the warning though.

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